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5 Common Poker Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs:

While beginning anything is always an exhilarating experience, one should always keep ones’ bola88 well-being and limits in mind and the same applies to playing Poker as well. It may start off as a pass-time and then become a hobby only to develop into a serious gambling condition. So, to start off with, the player must always keep a check on the risks he/she is ready to take while investing themselves in the game, whether real or virtual. Following are some other grave mistakes one must avoid while playing Poker:


  • Maths: First and the most important rule of Poker is that, if you don’t knw basic Maths, Poker is not the game for you.
  • Assessing the Player: ‘Never judge a book by its’ cover’ is not just some random phrase that a person came up with. Assessing a player on the basis of their looks, age or gender might just lose you all your money. One should never forget that the winner of the World Series of Poker Championship was won by a 27-year old accountant, too young to win $2.5 Million.
  • Psychology: Poker is more of a psychological game. The more nervous a player gets, the more evident their bluff becomes. At all times, one should be aware of their conduct and keep their bluffs in check.
  • A Fixed/Rigid Strategy: Becoming too predictable is one of the biggest risks involved in a Poker game. It is easy for opponents to win once they know your bluff, on the other hand, it is a cake-walk for them to win if you have a rigid strategy. It will only make you predictable and prove to be the biggest fallacy of them all.
  • The Lack of a Plan of Action: It is always best to have a plan of action ready for any move made by the opponent. When the cards are turned, the opponent may fold or he may raise the bet or he might even just call. Having a back-up plan is the wisest way to go about the game.
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So, there are our basic but grave mistakes to be avoided while playing Poker. But, it really is as it is said togel singapore, experience is the greatest teacher and every great player has learnt through his own mistakes and most often, by repeating them several times, just to be sure.

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