Why is Poker so popular?

Why is Poker so popular?

Card games have been more than just a game for the longest time. It is more of a tradition, as can be observed on the day of Diwali in any Hindu household. Poker is the most popular of card games as it is easy to learn however, it is difficult to master bola88. The most played variety of the game is No-limit Texas Hold’em but, it’s not the only poker game out there. Here are some of the reasons as to why is the game of Poker so popular:

  • No Number: Poker only needs more than two people to play. Anytime someone wants to leave, they may go and that won’t even hinder the game. Be it a kitty party or a boys’ night out drinking, this game is just right for all.
  • Media Coverage: While not everything is always about the US, one will have to agree that ever since the US media started covering the Poker game stories with such importance, the game has received a certain boom. A huge collaboration to the popularity of the game is made by movies. Who can forget the iconic gambling scene from ‘The Hangover’, where Zack Galifianakis plays Blackjack and wins well over worth 80K.poker
  • World Series of Poker Championship: Poker has become a way to earn both, popularity and money. Since the media already has its eyes set on the game, it must be noted that in 2003 a World series of Poker Championship was held in Las Vegas. The winner of this game was a 27-year old Chris Moneymaker, an accountant who ended up winning $2.5 Million along with the respect of everyone watching the series.
  • The Virtual World: One can play the game online just by downloading the application. There is no scarcity of Poker games online. It can or cannot involve money, as per the players’ choice. With no real risk involved, more and more people are getting invested into the game and why shouldn’t they, anyone can win judi bola.

Not only playing such games strengthens the relationship between people, it is a worthwhile pass-time for most and the randomness, the thrill drenched in strategy and luck gives Poker an edge over other games.

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